Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kissy Lips All Round

Mi amigos and tomodachi (and friends!),
    I'm sitting at the chaparones's computer typing as fast as I can to get anything in before it's time to go upstairs and pack up again. Like last night. And every other night before. I love it.
    There seems to be a lot of love going around so far. David has a British stalker, Joel has a fan club, and the girls tease them mercilessly about it. You've probably already seen some evidence on facebook. There is even a huge kissy lips phone staring at me from the corner. And fit (cute) Brits from the cafe watching my friend Steph eat her ice cream cone. She just read that over my shoulder and kicked me.
    The scenery is beautiful (somethimes deadly), the people wonderful (sometimes drunk), and my travelmates pleseant (Mostly. sometimes tired and a few snore).
    Got to go, it's time to find some furry boots and ride a bike through the drippy countryside from the town where Shakespeare was struck with his ultimate inspiration: Kissy lips.
    Love and Other Forms of Chocolate,
-Hannah (ONE of the travelling S.I.C.O.s)

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