Monday, February 7, 2011

Blindness, Boogers, and My Childhood

The prince was reaching for my hand, his eyes indigo blue and intense. He knelt on one knee and pulled from his pocket a velvety black jewelry box. My heart thudded. Was this it? Was he- "Hannah," he said, lifting the lid to reveal a sparkling diamond ring, "will you-" AHHHHHRRRRGGGGGG! THE PAIN, THE PAIN! IT BUUUURRRNNNSS! Searing light burnt my irises to a crisp and I moaned in agony, sure that I must be irreversibly blinded. "How could you? What gross injustice have I ever done to you that this is my punishment?!"

"Get out of bed, Hannah. It's 7:30."

As you have probably gathered, my lovely, dreamy sleep was interrupted by mom flicking the bedroom light on. Instead of sleeping late in the warm den of my bed like any normal person, I was forced to actually wake up and walk up stairs (Terrible, I know).It isn't a nice way to begin any day, but the fact it was a Monday tripled the unpleasant factor.

The rest of the day was lost to a blur of homework and typing until I took a short visit to the past. Glory, my 5 year old sister, is very possibly my very late twin. The similarities between her and me when I was her age (behavior, habits, appearance, etc.) is truly uncanny. Proving yet again that she is my clone, Glory unknowingly reenacted an famous scene from my childhood.

Glory: (walking into the living room where Mom and I were doing homework) "Mom?"

Mom: "Hmmmm?"

Glory:"Um...I lost one of my glow-in-the-dark beads." (Looks sheepish).

Mom: "Ok. Where did you lose it?"

Glory: "In my nose."

Mom and I: "WHERE?"

Glory: "Its stuck. See?"

Mom: (peering in) "Wow, its really up there."

Me: "How did you get a bead stuck up your nose?!"

Glory: "Um....well, you know.It...stuck."

We eventually got it out by blowing really hard into her mouth so that it shot out of her nose, free at last. This is a emergency technique that Mom learned at the emergency room when, as a child, I too stuck a plastic object up my nose. It was a Lego light-saber thingie, but still. The similarity is weird. Come to think of it, I don't remember why I stuck a lightsaber up my nose either. Huh.

Anyway, that was the interesting tidbit from Monday. There was some other things, but they are best discussed over tea spiked with memory erasing drugs. Don't ask.

Farefarren, Fellows!

A hint of mystery,



  1. I came across you while looking for a picture of a kneeling figure for my art and found you somehow instead. thanks...I enjoyed that. Nice to read some originality for once. Randy Heath

  2. Thank you, Kingfisher! Your unexpected compliment totally made my day. :)