Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Subscribe to Writer's Block

Several people have commented that they cannot figure out how to subscribe/follow my blog. By subscribing you can post your comments, send messages, and show your support. You can also have the blog posts emailed to you. Here is a simple (hopefully) guide:
1) Go Writer's Block homepage.
2) Scroll down until you see a group of colorful picture boxes about the size of your pinkie under grey letters that say "Followers" on the right-hand side. It is under my picture and the top read posts.
3) Click the colorful "Follow" button. A screen should pop up asking you to join Google Friends. Click yes and fill in info. Nothing happens besides being added as my subscriber when you sign up and you won't be spammed.
4)Choose a profile picture you want to appear in the "Followers" box.Nothing obscene or rude, please.
5) Finished! If you were successful, your picture would appear with the others in the "Followers" box.
6) Continue to read and enjoy Writer's Block and don't forget to comment!

Oh, and if you still don't wish to do that then you can show your support by tagging an article on facebook.

Fish 'n' Chips,

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