Friday, March 25, 2011

Film Friday!

Friday at my house is Movie Night: a time to unwind and start off the weekend with a fun flick. So, I thought, why not share the cinematic goodness? Every Friday (if  I remember) i'll try to post a random vid(s) that I watched this past week and found entertaining and will share it/them with you, my lovely readers! If you have a suggestion for next Friday's vid, want to share one of your favorites in a link, or show your support leave a comment below.
So, for my first Film Friday, a little spice:

And a portal to very possibly my favorite Youtube vlogger in the world:

(Be warned, some of his videos are absolutely lovely and cute. Occasionally he will make a...not so cute/not so family friendly one. There are some real gems, though!)

So there you have it: our very first Film Friday! Check back next Friday for more, nyaa!
Bad Wolf,

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