Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am...where?

Hullo this fine morn. I have no idea where I am. I mean, I know where I am then, but I don't know where i'll be when you are sheduled to read this. Don't stress your mind, it will only give you a migraine to try and figure it out.
I'm most likely on a plane between Utau and Japan, possible in Japan already. I'm probably watching Deborah engrossed in a Dr.Who episode, Ruthie asleep under an eyemask, and the clouds warming in the rising sun.
Wait- something disturbing just happened. My left sock (blue and green stripes) just vanished. Right off of my foot. And I don't know how it did or where it went. This is quite a mystery.
Anyway, back to this day. We should land in Narita and travel to our youth hostel place (with a swimming pool!) I can't wait, though I suspect I'll be totally exhausted and major jet lag. Still, i know i won't be able to sleep until late that night, when everyone around me is breathing deep in sleep. When the lights are out, and I can hear Tokyo still alive and bustling as ever beyond the buildings.
I'm the sort of person who will skip showers and stay up really late or get up really early, just because I think there is the slight possibility of missing some exciting moment of life. I'll have to repress it a bit on this trip.
My stomach is gurgling with an over dose of pre-trip waiting. if i had to wait another week, i might just keel over of stress. Only a day to go; I should survive :) Pray for me, love you all!
Sanity and Stress,
~Hannah Hoo

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