Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Begins! (Oh yeah, i'm Hooommmmeeee!)

(imagine a picture here. My computer won't put one on. )
Hello, Peoples! I should be writing a blog right now about how i'm home from my trip (Surprise! More on that in future blog) and I still haven't seen one of my best friends yet and posting the blog about the kiss. But...i'm too lazy to do it right now. Honest. (Plus I've got loads of things to do besides, but still.)
Anyway, my trip was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Loved it and have some exciting news about next summer! Post on that later.
One of the best parts of writing on a blog is the feedback; realizing I am not a useless website floating on the surface of an internet ocean. So please post a comment if you read or enjoy my webby.
So, must run off and finish clearing up my school shelves. Many ideas for interesting posts are stay tuned.

Lemons and Love,
Hannah Hoo

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