Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Red Cell Phones and Waiting Room Metaphors (aka boredom)

Boredom is truly a great affliction. I perch on chair-like objects around the house and pour myself into this blog (thus the profusion of posts lately). I'm in the waiting room of life, having finally passed through the revolving door of finals and not yet called into the office where they shall administer my trip to Japan. So I lament my lack of books, read emails, and post these sometimes nonsensical posts. I miss my spice-of-life friends :(
Apparently, mums never suffer from boredom. If I even hint at nothing to do she can magically list several things around the house I need to do. I became so bored I actually did these things. Now I'm wishing I had a room to clean, a bathroom to scrub, and a bed to remake. Maybe I shouldn't write these here; my mother could use it as motivation to have me clean more things.
People not well acquainted with me are probably under the impression that I am a lazy bum. Well, I may be a slob at times (in a artistic, genius kind of way I can only hope); but i'm not usually a lazy bum. Its just I'm in a odd twist of life right now, so I'll become busy again in no time. Really, people, I'm not like this usually! (RIGHT, guys?)
I'm trying to think of something entertaining to tell you/make you want to keep reading my blog. Lets see... here is whats on my mind:
JAPAN TRIP (whoot, whoot!)
Hello Kitty
Science grade (still to be discovered, though I promise to post it when I get it)
My brother's color theme today(red)
Hilarious books I wish I could read right now
My disappointment at Shannon Hale's new book "Forest Born". No Romance!
How utterly snore inducing this blog post may seem...

This "Blogging" thing is all new to me. Do I write long blogs, short blogs, nonsensical blo-

Wait! News Flash! I'm getting a new cell phone (thank you, mum and dad). I've never had or seen much use in getting a cell phone before...but i'm not going to pass up a free one (with slide out type pad in cherry red). Yum!
Must dash; will most likely update in the very near future.
Posts and Strawberries,
~ Hannah Hoo

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