Monday, May 31, 2010

Its a bird! Its a plane! ...Its still a plane!

Dearest friends and readers,

As of this morning I will be leaving the country. (Gasp! What?! No Way!) With my fellow classmates and friends, we will fly over the oceans (and various other places I shall ignore because I'm watching the in flight movies) and land in Narita Airport.

Last night I couldn't sleep for excitement. I said all my goodbyes (in person, anyway) and received all my farewell hugs from friends. This is my goodbye blog post, and I'm actually not going to be here when it is published. I have written some posts that will publish themselves throughout my trip, so enjoy and keep checking for hannahisms.

Here is one of my favorite travel quotes that is VERY true:

"A passport, as I'm sure you know, is a document that one shows to government officials whenever one reaches a border between two countries, so that the official can learn who you are, where you were born, and how you look when photographed unflatteringly." — Lemony Snicket

If you ever see my passport photo (and I pray you never do), you will see the truth in this quote. The snickers and odd eye twitches of the airport employees is bad enough.

Have you ever noticed the people that work in the inner complex of airports? Imagine vampires with second cousins who are werewolves, dress them up like tidy airport employees, and make them watch Telly-Tubbies for three hours straight. You have just envisioned the majority of airport workers. The only time real emotion shows on their faces is when they get to confiscate something or search a person for a pair of dangerous nail clippers.

The best parts of an airplane flight are:
  • Walking down the corridor connecting the airplane to the building
  • Finding a window seat with it's own TV screen
  • Take off
  • The breathtaking clouds that whish past your windows
  • The movies!
  • Listening to the radio while drinking an ice cold apple juice
  • More movies!
  • The experience of using an airplane bathroom. (Sounds and feels like being in a moving vacuum.)
  • Seeing the ground below you shrink as you take off, then blossom as you land
  • Funny seatmates that know when to talk and when to sleep
  • Descending into a brightly lit city at night. Its amazing.
  • The movies!

You know how people whine about the stereotype airplane peanuts? Well guess what. They are delicious! And they gave us a bad of crackers, too (they were pretty gross). Sure, i couldn't open my peanut bag because they allow no sharp objects on planes, but i digress. The myth is broken!

I'm probably waiting in the airport as you read this. There are so many opportunities to wait in airports. You wait in for the line, you wait in line, you wait for your friends to come out of the line, you wait for your late plane, you wait during the plane ride, you wait to get luggage, you wait to go through customs, and of course the ultimate waiting time: The Layover.

Sometimes you get a fun layover, other times not. For a fun example, getting a layover in Korea for 6 hours was pretty fun. I did arts and crafts, ate a smoothie, bought gifts, played with a fellow waitee Korean toddler (so cute!), and ate pepper chocolate. Plus, gained lifetime bragging rights.

So, farewell fair friends and fair home! Hasta la vista, baby!

Jet lag and marshmallows,

~Hannah Hoo ;)

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