Saturday, December 3, 2011

Building a Dream

My mom told us this story when we were little. It was a rainy day at Grandma's house and we were trapped upstairs while my cousins were taking naps downstairs . The story was about this grand old house with hidden doors, revolving walls, and secret rooms. I was enchanted.

Little kids have a lot of ideas about what they are going to do when they are adults. Sleep in, watch TV all day, drive cars like Batman after a FourLoko; the list of dreams goes on and on. Me, though? All I wanted was to grow up, make money, then spend it all on building my dream house.

Something  a bit like this...

To Be Continued...

Love and Other Forms of Chocolate,


  1. I LOVE all things houses...trap doors, hidden rooms, etc. I'd love to go to the Winchester Castle...the Winchester lady went a bit crazy after Mr. Winchester died and built doors that went to no where and stairs that just ended into ceilings, etc...would be so neat to see!