Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Weird Things I Love

Everyone has those weird little things they love. The sound of cellophane, the smell of toothpaste, looking at the clock and it is 11:11 o' clock. Well, these are mine.

Recently i've noticed a lot of people writing blog posts about things they hate/pet peeves. I could easily write about that, but one of my pet peeves is the word pet peeves. It sounds so weird. Like when an irate person is saying, "Oh, I hate it when my neighbor takes bathes in his pool! It's my pet pee!"

So, for that reason and that if I think about the things that annoy me i'm going to be a persnickety old man for the rest of the day, i'm going to list the most random little things I really like. Caution: Some are pretty weird.

Starting with....

1. Dipping things into the pool of melted wax when a candle is burning. 
2. Playing with the little sticky tabs that come on junk mail.
3. The smell of gasoline.
4. Taking off my socks after a long day before going to bed.
5. Digging really deep holes in our freshly tilled garden in the summer then sitting in them and reading so that all you can see from ground level is my head.
6. Licking the spoon after making a dessert, any dessert. 
7.Standing forever in a hot shower on a freezing winter day and NEVER wanting to get out.
8.Walking through a store and trying every sample from every little old lady.
9. Finding a soulbook. Like a soulmate, only literary. 
10. The smell of mothballs.
12. Spinning in grocery store isles like a little kid. Those floors are just so perfect for sliding!
12. Raw cookie dough.
13.Lip-syncing the lyrics in the mirror and pretending thats me singing. 
14. Finding money in my pockets or old purses.
15. When I swim at the bottom of a pool I like to sit and hear the silence.
16. Running machines with a built-in t.v.
17. Laughing so uncontrollably that tears run down my face and my abs hurt. (My imaginary abs, that is.)
18. Wearing heels around my room for no reason at random. Like in my pjs.
19. Dipping animal crackers into my apple juice.
20. Rubbing Elmer's glue on the palms of my hands, waiting for it to dry, and then peeling it off.
21. Putting my whole face into a mug of tea or coffee and just breathing in.
22. Inside jokes with myself.
23. Pointing out the right answer when the teacher got it wrong and feeling like Albert Einstein.
24. Asian boys with British accents.
25. Slipping into my PJs after wearing formal clothes.
26. Filling in circles.
27. Cracking open a book and smelling the pages.
28. You! Wait...that means you're weird. Cutesy gesture just backfired...
29. That moment when you're talking with someone and you find something in common and its like you've met a long lost friend.
30.  Washing the turkey at thanksgiving then holding its arms and making it dance with wild abandon over the sink. You must try it.

What are some of the weird things YOU love?

Till' Homework Do Us Part,


  1. I love petting peoples hair... I don't know why. I just do. Listening to a watch or clock tick, listening to people talk in a different language, and noticing the little things that people don't notice. :)

  2. Ditto to all except I braid their hair, not pet it. :D But you know that.

  3. There is no number 11 but two number 12s strange but i like some of those things to

  4. Omg... I really like baking cookies! There's nothing like touching a hot cookie tray and then remembering that you need to put some oven mitts on...

  5. Danish, Zeb! Your mind is a bakery of dirty thougths.

  6. Time to research 10:57 for a sibling.