Monday, April 25, 2011

A Poetical Fiasco

At the moment, life does not permit me to write out the long and hopefully interesting email in my head. I'll do that later this week. Until then, I will express my current state of life in this poetic scrap:

My schedule is stacked. My bags are unpacked. 
Homework unfinished, Trip excitement undiminished.
Final Week Approaching, Stress levels soaring,
Procrastination innate. Grades, don't deflate!
Lists, Lists, Lists:
Shopping, Packing, Travel Tips.
"To Do", "To Don't", "To Forget".
Mad as a Hatter, I'll be a cat that caters,
"A cuppa' sugar an' two lumps of tea,
Would you like a scone, Miss Lee?"
The clock ticks like a tell-tale heart,
When will school end and travel start?

(Oh, some quick explanation: I'm going to dressed as the Cheshire Cat at a tea room at the approaching British Faire. The next weekend is Finals Week. Early the day after Finals we leave for Britain. Do you see my dilemma?)

We're All Mad Here,