Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Memories

I was just searching for entertainment through my old emails I sent and found this nugget from my 15th Birthday. Enjoy! 

Yes, exactly 15. Didn't you know? It is a universal fact that the older you get, the more thoughts you have because you cannot think more than the number of thoughts of how old you are at one time. If you think I am wrong, you are most likely absolutely right. Just like you would be absolutely right if you suspected me of dancing and singing when no one is home to a surfer boys record. In high heels. Which I am now going to sell on the black market.
You might also be absolutely right if you were to say clouds are cloud-shaped. Even when they look like dogs, obese mermaids, short-necked giraffes, mickey mouse, and George Clooney, they are still cloud-shaped.
 Just like soap is always undeniably soap, only soap, and soap so help me shampoo. It may look like candy, or fruit, or nitro glcerine, but it always tastes like soap when you eat it.
Hope I haven't thrust you with my confusing Nile of words into a continual ocean of befuddlement. Such things are born of procrastination ;)
 Love ya'll,

(BTW, my awesome friends actually sprung a suprise birthday party on me that night and instead of a cake I had a giant cupcake with green icing and white sprinkles. Unfortunately there was no coin in the center. Or is that why my tooth hurt? :) 

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