Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wading in the Ocean in Kilts: YES

The champagne-tinted moon hung low and full in the night sky, brushing the tips of the trees and resting on the McDonald's sign while our car paused at a stoplight.

That sentence has been circling my brain continually since last night, waiting to be written. Several weeks ago I wrote a

piece on one of my UK Trip meetings at the London Tea Room, this time our meeting was at the Hall's lovely and snack-laden

abode. Those lemon bars, strawberries, and brownies were just amazing.

I don't have very muchness of time to write right now, but here

are my educational and intelligent notes from the late

half of the trip meeting:


“…and possibly encounter scotish people.”

“They might be hiding behind the wall?”

“Oh yes. They are like ninjas, you know.”


“That’s what everybody has said!”

Oy, lets go fetch some wee kilts in Scottyland!


“In the know” for Loch Ness

Many walls is England. They couldn’t keep us in, though!

Happy, happy hat!

“Foooouuuuuurrrrr! Four Four!”

More lakes…

So many snacks, so many choices, so many drinks, can’t reach

a single one. For the want of a lemon there was agony.


Look up the London Dungeon at home.

We’re playing travel Clue!

The Roman Ruins: Will we see ruined Romans?

England: A Lotta Stuff

Brianna’s Siblings: “…the food lured out the local wildlife.

David even got to help in the extraordinary process of feeding the beasts. They

ate sun chips, lemon bars, carrots, brownies, and their father. Excuse me, I

mean they brought the father with them. Opps, there they go, scared by all the

people. The father ate a lemon bar, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, and some other

snack goodies. David did not help feed him.”

Dad and Mr.Tate are whispering in the corner…about diapers?

The boarder of Whales. Is it made of Whales?! We must see

WHALES! (As in the animals)

Bad, bad David. Choosing a 2. He should have been a 5.

“Baah.” – Deborah

Charlieissocoollike…I show my love by stalking you…

King Offa: The Greedy King. He kept building walls.

Sorry Offa: Your pikes just aren’t attractive enough for us.

You’re dirt to us. And a mound at that.

Do we actually get to Bathe is Bath? And is it’s sister town

Shower? Also, if you are travelling in Bath, are you technically bathing?

Bath: A tourist’s excuse to go skinny-dipping. Also, the

true story behind sightings of the Loch Ness Monster?

“I’m sure they would think we were students.” – David

Would they? SO that means my Mom is a student mother?

Fashion Museum: Joel wants to go.

Deb is licking the Hall’s couch. Do I want to know? …no, its

funnier this way.

“Those children get great discounts!” – Joel, an angry


Longleat: YES. JUST SAY YES.

“10 am to 5 pm…”

Is it just me or does that picture of the adorable little

boy on the wall have a white Styrofoam booger?

EVERYONE who reads this: Go youtube “Walk on the Wild Side”

David: “blah, blah, blah, blah blah, bal DOCTOR WHO, Bla-“

Us: “WHAT!? Doctor Who? YES!”

“Maiden. It needs love.” – Deb

THEY are still whispering. This is so annoying, WHAT ARE


Reeeaally want a drink, but don’t want to pick through the

maze of people to get there. Arrgggg.

Now we are voting stuff off the island. NOT ST.IVES!

Whadda’bout homestays?

“We shouldn’t go to Edinburough.”

Deb: (Sad face)

“Stop using logic against Scotland!” – Deb

What is Brianna waving at…?

“What they should do is take bath…” – Mother Mary

NOW I will go get a drink. FINISHED!

…maybe finished. I won’t put away my sleeping-bag just yet.

Wait, the next meeting is at my house? Time to start hiding

the evidence! :D


As you can see, I was paying very close attention to the trip meeting. VERY close attention.

Anyway, must fly! I have far too much homework and far too little time to complete it. I am, you might say, in a jam.

Strawberry, I hope.

Mathematical Jelly,


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