Friday, May 28, 2010

Victory Dance!

I just completed an epic victory dance in full joy mode. Can you guess why I was performing a beautiful, spastic dance o' victory? (Here is a hint: the beakers above.)
Any ideas...?
Nope, wrong. Guess again.
Er, no.
Of course not!
I'll just tell you:
I got an A in biology! AN A!
To fully understand such vivid joy and relief, you must understand that the week before my last science class, my grade was at an F due to late homework and incorrectly filed tests. Yes, you read that correctly: a failing grade. Then, through hours of late night studying and work, I aced my final and turned in a plethora of late papers, tests, labs, and more. Waiting with baited spirits and tentative hopes, I at last received my final grades. My miraculous, lovely, God-sent grades.
So share my little moment of joy. Do your own victory dance, right now, even if your grades weren't what you wanted. Spread a little love, and be blessed with knowing that time and again God answers our prayers.Thank you, Kamisama!

Hopes and Hearts,
~Hannah Hoo

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