Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life: Its all one big fieldtrip

Lovely Peoples,

My mum was telling me about a fellow homeschool family we know that drove down to the Russel Stover Choclate Factory (a looong drive for where we live) and bought $300 worth of choclate...and made it into a field trip.

Homeschoolers can turn any outing into a fieldtrip. It is an unspoken law of homeschooling,

"Thou Shalt Not Go Anywhere Without Calling It A Field Trip."

For those of you that are not homeschoolers, let me get some things straight:

  • Not all homeschoolers are total geeks.

  • Not all homeschoolers wear denim skirts and hair coverings for their knee-length locks.

  • Not all homeschoolers are incredibly smart (though they do have a better education than a majority of publicly schooled kids. And, according to the NHERI, homeschooled students typically score above average on the SAT and ACT tests that colleges consider for admissions.

  • We aren't all menenite or omish. Homeschooling is done by many christian families (such as mine) and many more, er, "free spirited" people. (imagine flowers, peace signs, bell bottoms.)

  • Homeschoolers can be cool or famous. For example, Charles Chaplin (Actor), Tamara McKinney (World Cup Skier), Sally Ride (Astronaut), Jim Ryan (World Runner), along with various celebrities that have decided to homeschool their kids.

With that out of the way, here is another list of events in a homeschool family life that could be turned into a field trip:

  • The doctor's office

  • The birth of the 10th child

  • The movies

  • The swimming pool

  • Museums

  • Foreign countries

  • The grochery store


So, for the public schoolers out there, this is what its like to be homeschooled. In two words: Field Trips.

Lovely Love,

~Hannah Hoo

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