Monday, January 30, 2012

Would You Like A Scone With That?

I have never washed that many dishes in one day in my entire life. Not even on Thanksgiving. And certainly never that many tea pots. And tea cups. And tea strainers. And tea spoons.

(In. AWE.)
Let me explain. Earlier this week I was unexpectedly offered a job at the London Tea Room in the city (literally right around the corner from the awesome City Museum). Its this lovely tea room run by a British family who just so happens to know us through homeschooling and when Steph-Jimmer, Laurel-Jimmer, and several other Jimmers were filming for our school film, "Pride and Parody". 

I'd visited the Tea Room several times in the past and just loved the atmosphere and, of course, the tea and goodies. A few years ago I wrote a story for literature class about a quirky place called Cafe Character. When I walked into the tea room for the first time it was a bit like walking into my own story. 

Needless to say, I was ecstatic about the offer. 

Details like schedule and the long commute had to be worked out of course but at 11:00 a.m. sharp I was in the door and ready to go.

(source: The Star-Crossed Blogger)
Now don't get me wrong: Its hard work. Especially with the unusually large crowd of crumpet-starved people and the back to back high tea reservations we were all running. Or at least a dignified jog. Between washing dishes, busing tables, more dishes, replenishing tea pots and cups and silverware, and a few more dishes I didn't stop moving for 6 hours (and I probably should have taken my break a little earlier). Lets just say that when I got home that night my feet were not very happy with me. At all.

So yeah, my feet wanted to run away to a convent without me. And I'm glad its only once a week. But the truth is I really enjoyed doing it. My co-workers are fun and really patient with the newbie, my boss is the best (and British! Everything sounds better with a British accent), the pay is good, and I get to drink tea on the job and bring home leftover baked goodies. For me, personally, this is the best first job ever. Not so 'glamorous' as Wallmart or Price Chopper (my runner-up options)...but I think I'm good right where I am. You might even say that its my cup of tea. (Punderlicious, eh?)

Maybe even as cheesy as this. But I doubt it. 

Jam 'n' Crumpets,


  1. Wow - Congrats...maybe we'll have to come visit you sometime...we've never been to an "official" tea room!

    PS. We miss you!!!

    1. Absolutely! And it might sound a bit formal but its quite casual, more like a cafe. I miss you guys, too!

  2. dude, that sounds so awesome! Its a wonder why I've never been there. I'll have to check it out

  3. I have never had tea maybe i should go check that out...

    1. I'm hoping you are kidding. There is no way you have never had tea before. 0.o