Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Projects of the Week

Here are just a few of my favorite DIY (Stands for DO IT YOURSELF, GOSH!) tutorials and projects floating around the internet that you should know about this week. By the way, when i say craft, that doesn't mean a jumble of Popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue.Crafting is so much more.

Some are harder than others, a few are easy enough for the least-creative minded person to do. Also, don't forget Halloween is coming up!

1. Tattoo Tights
This is a simple photograph DIY I found on that is similar to the fake tattoo sleeves people have been wearing lately. Simple, cheap, and will scare your mother spitless. 

2.Pie On a Stick. Need I say More?

Make these in abundance and give them to me. You know you want to. 

3. Sign My Shirt?

So simple, very homeschool chic. Forget jean skirts and prairie blouses, this is the season's homschooler vogue look of Fall. 
This is me waiting for all the tabs to finish buffering...

4. Glitter EVERYTHING 

All you need is some crafty glue, glitter, and a pair of boring heels. Oh, and fumigated drying area. The glitter hallucinations aren't purty.

5.Yes. That is a Face on my Plate.

You might have seen these novelty plates at places like Fred and Friends but all you need is a porcelian marker like the one in this tutorial and you can make your own designs and gifts. You can try drawing and tempering  your plate in the oven after using a sharpie but the paint will wear off after a few good washes. 

Note: You aren't limited to plates! Cups, mugs, bowls, trays, whatever. Here is some inspiration:

Now, go forth and craft!



  1. I'm feeling inspired towards some serious craftering.

  2. Okay, some of these were a plain hoot! LOL Though I have to admit, I totally PINNED the pie on a stick to my sweet treats file on pinterest! If you girls try any of these, want to see a blog post on it! :)

  3. How about turning a moo moo into a chic tunic for a homeschool mom?