Monday, May 24, 2010

Airplane Activities

After watching the middle aged man next to you take his nose spray for the fifth time in two hours, you are going to be bored on a plane. In fact, it would be amazing if you weren't bored already.

I've taken airplanes to and from Japan, and am planning to do so again in just a few days. After the nervous excitment of take off fades and you've read the emergincy manuel three are going to need some entertainment. Thus I have composed a list of things to bust the boredom on an airplane:

  1. Travel Journal! I would highly recomend that any traveller brings a travel journal/diary. Some people write the facts, others write descriptions, others novel sized tomes. Whatever works for you. I can assure you that going back and reading your travel journal in years to come will be quite entertaining.

  2. Bring a sketchpad, or draw in your travel journal. Interesting luggage? Draw it. Shady character in a fedora? Draw him. Terrorists hijacking the plane? Draw them! (the police will thank you later).

  3. Create a soap opera (in your head or in writing) with your fellow seatmates or stewerdesses as central characters. That man snoozing in the window seat with headphones on? He is actually married to one of the stewerdesses and they are sheming to drug the woman three rows down. The woman is an ambassador to Japan and is falling in love with her seatmate, a young theif in disguise as a profitiable ladybug racer. The sky is the limit (literally) for your airplane dramas.

  4. Scare yourself. Is that a crack in your window? Is it just me, or is the plane tilting to the right? Why does that guy over there look so suspicious? (NOT reccomended for everyone!)

  5. Talk to the person next to you in an accent. See if you can keep it up the entire flight, or laugh over it if you slip up. British seems to be the easiest.

  6. Bring a deck of cards! These can be used for a number of different things and so many games can be played. Balderdash (a bluffling game) is my favorite, though you can also play Egyptian Rat Slap, poker, or ask your seatmate if they know a fun card game. These are also good for long bus/car rides in another country or playing a game with someone who doesn't speak your language. Plus, you can jimmy simple locks and leave a trail if you are kidnapped.

  7. Ghew gum. Not exactly a thrill ride, but it will pop your ears back to normal at high elevations. Stretching your jaw helps, too. Only don't do it too much, or it will look to your fellow passengers as if you are eating an invisable hippo. Doesn't improve their opinion of your sanity (or lack there of).

  8. People Watch! This is the perfect activity for a plane, as long as they don't realize you are doing it. Observe people, imagine what their life stories are from little details. Use your imagination.

If you have anymore ideas or funny/embarrasing experiences, leave them in a comment below. Enjoy this list and poke around online or in a travel book to find out more entertaining ideas!

~Hannah Hoo

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